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Alejandro Rojas πŸš€ 215

September 15, 2014

We are so excited to finally meet and talk to Alejandro Rojas of Open Minds. The reason it’s taken this long is because behind the scenes, Bill and I both felt his company was direct assault on our UFO Magazine-type territory, whether imagined or not. But now that that phase of our life is over, we can get to know Alejandro and join the twenty-first century.

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Peter Merlin πŸš€ 214

September 8, 2014

Peter W. Merlin is an aerospace historian who has been researching the history of Area 51 since 1984 and has written numerous articles on the subject. He has also appeared on such television programs as Modern Marvels, Mystery Hunters, Man-Moment-Machine, Inside Area 51, UFO Down To Earth, Return to Area 51, Atomic Journeys, UFO Hunters, MysteryQuest, and others.

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Nick Redfern πŸš€ 214

September 1, 2014

Tune in this Monday night for our guest Nick Redfern for our all-live two-hour extravaganza, beginning at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time, and continuing on for a rollicking two fun-filled hours!

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Joel Martin πŸš€ 212

August 25, 2014

Another important visit with Joel Martin, and this time we talked about Andrija Puharich, a controversial figure who appears in and out of the world of the occult and the weird. πŸš€

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Philippe Mora, William Scott πŸš€ 211

August 18, 2014

Tonight we spoke to Phillipe Mora for the first half hour and William Scott for the second. Our conversation ranged from the true story behind the movie Communion, which Philippe directed, to the increasing threat the militarized police forces in the country are posing to the citizenry. πŸš€

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Lorenzo Hagerty πŸš€ 210

August 11, 2014

We always look forward to any chance we can get to lure Lorenzo back to our show, and tonight we really delve into the mysteries and potential goldmine that is the concept of Bitcoin.

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Freeman Fly πŸš€ 209

August 4, 2014

Freeman Fly has been studying the occult and the strange for a long time now, and you can start to follow his research here. Although he’s a font of esoteric knowledge, he’s also fun and totally interesting to talk to, and there seems to be no question too far out to ask. πŸš€

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Dr. Erol Faruk πŸš€ 208

July 28, 2014

Tonight we welcome Dr. Erol Faruk, whose new book has recently been published. Here is the description from Amazon.com.

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Tim Beckley πŸš€ 207

July 21, 2014

Tonight we welcome Tim Green Beckley to the show for the first time. He is known to some folks as Mr. UFO and to others as Mr. Creepo, and to even others as the editor of the long-running Conspiracy Journal. πŸš€

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Olav Phillips πŸš€ 206

July 14, 2014

Tonight we welcome Olav Phillips back to the show. πŸš€

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