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April 21, 2014
The topic of Jim's new book.

I have begun a very controversial new way of eating, and I talk about it a bit in the beginning of the show. The concept and google-word to try is "ketogenic". I ask Jim about it, and he's not too familiar with the concept, although he promises to check it out.

Jim also teases us a bit with insights from his new book, almost complete. He is attempting to learn what happened to the concept that our nation is a republic. More on this topic as his book nears publication.

The little radio player, below, is streaming whatever happens to be playing on a revolving basis on PSN Radio. The sound is turned all the way down for your sanity as you enter the page, so if you want to hear what's playing, just move the slider-dot over to the right. I really want you to hear the keen opening that Angel has created, so try this: Keep the sound on and refresh the page. Learning to refresh is a good skill to develop anyway. Enjoy!

Remember, we meet here every Monday in the early evening, at 7 pm Eastern U.S. time, to be very precise. But precision is not what we're looking for, is it? Rather, we're interested in trying to figure out why we are here, who put us here, and for what purpose. Is there anything past the here and now? When our crockery is lifted out of the dust and the neglect of the ages and brushed off and wondered about by the rubber-fingered scientists of the future ... will our thoughts have survived?

Tune in

It's our only hope! Like minds gathering in the gathering dusk. What could be better?

Last Week's Show

A drawing of an alien made by Chip Beck.

Tonight we welcome for the first time on Future Theater, the illusive and mysterious Chip Beck. Tune in to see why ... and have a happy Passover next Monday.

Maybe you'll remember that we do our show on Mondays ... it will be the 21st when we meet again, and there are always surprises on the horizon, so stay tuned to this channel.

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