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Tim Binnall πŸš€ 67

πŸ‘― August 20, 2011

Here’s Some Further Ado. With Tim! If you’re a loyal listener to Binnall of America – and if you’re not, huh? You’re missing the very best in insightful, archival, in-depth radio. UFO and otherwise. Now, when you do hear the shows, Tim can always be counted on to say, β€œAnd now … without further ado … β€œ in his sonorous voice.

I always wonder what he will say if I pin him to the spot and demand some ado. We’re all about the ado here at Future Theater. It’s actually what we, ah, do here each Saturday night. We do have fun!

And Tim will be speaking about the upcoming Third Annual Exeter UFO Festival, which will be happening at Saturday, September 3, all day, from 8:30 a.m. until fireworks at 10 p.m. That’s a couple of weeks away … so, for this Saturday, please spend some time with us!

Also, we’re going to have some news on a couple of really interesting hot UFO stories that are developing.

The Show: Above we have a photo of our guest tonight, Tim Binnall, along with a friend attending last year’s Exeter Conference. This year he will repeat his duties as master of ceremonies, and a fabulous time will be had by all who get there this September 3. It’s also FREE! Info is here.

We talked a bit about the conference, a whole lot about culturally significant movies and TV shows and how they relate to the UFO phenomenon, which TIm has been studying for years now.

I’d say that mostly, we just had a darn good time! You will go! Listen tonight and get to Exeter if your’re anywhere near New Hampshire in early September. πŸš€

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