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👯 April 2, 2010

I am very happy to announce that I’ve put our premier recording up, and you can find it by looking on the right-hand column under the header of Past Show Archive. That was fun! Seriously, this is a ton of fun. The photo here shows the older chair – the very uncomfortable one – and this is the setup in the mancave where we did the first show.

Now, I have to tell you something about this first MP3. I decided to try to use WireTap to record the show as we were taping it, but in the excitement of the moment, I forgot to hit the record button, but of course. That would be basic Idiocracy 101. The next day was devoted to getting ready for Passover, which means bringing the laptop to the kitchen and working on slamming cabinets and banging pots and pans around and trying to capture the live stream as it played on the internets.

Which I did, sort of. This would also be the first time we listened to the show, so it was interesting. Therefore, here’s what you’re going to hear when you hit the button: music will start, Bill will start talking, and then you’ll hear me talking about what we’re listening to. In other words, meta radio. I didn’t realize that WireTap was going to pick up the cabinets slamming and my comments on our performance.

Mercifully, I decided to concentrate on cooking and I moved the machine to the living room, where it could record in peace, so you’ll only hear a little bit of the above nonsense. We do learn that Bill didn’t finish his first intonation of “Future Theater” because he hiccupped, and I guess that’s good info to have. So, if you’ll be a little patient with the strange stuff at the very beginning, I think the rest of the show is OK dokey.

Now, I have a chair to put together and a magazine to get to the printer. Info about Saturday’s show, which is shaping up nicely, will come tomorrow.

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thnx nancy!

Posted by: Brittany 04/02/2010 at 07:30 PM

I used to have a chair exactly like that. You really need the pillow for the lower back. I replaced mine too.

Posted by: Lesley 04/02/2010 at 11:51 PM
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