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Colin Bennett 🚀 9

👯 May 22, 2010

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce to you our guest for this Saturday’s broadcast: Colin Bennett! Longtime readers will know just how wonderful this news is because, if they are smart, they will have become rabid fans of his work.

Ever since Sean Casteel interviewed him for a sidebar to an article he had written on Edward Ruppelt, I’ve been in love with Colin. There, I’ve said it.

I’ve put that article up for you to read right now, so if you haven’t had the pleasure … now you have the pleasure. Trust me – if you don’t understand what he’s saying, it’s your fault, not his. Get a dictionary, get a Wiki, get a brand new obsession.

This article is a quick introduction to the concept of the Entertainment State, one of the many key concepts that Colin has discussed in our pages. Everything Colin writes is wonderful and if you have any interest in the UFO or paranormal field at all, he is required reading. I can’t stress that enough.

I will write a little more as the week progresses, I hope. I’m very busy busy re-doing all our websites, so one of these days this particular site will look a little different, but you should not be disturbed when it comes to links and bookmarks. I’m using one new program: Sandvox, and re-doing six or so sites. So, it’s daunting.

Also, I will be commenting in the comments about last week’s show, which left me a bit unsettled. I felt that I was at sea after about a half hour and that can be both a good or a bad feeling. I certainly think it’s a great feeling to have during a live interview … it tells you that something weird is going on. We’ll talk more about this, as needed.

The Show: Here you go – all systems go. Listen, reflect, grow and glow. It’s the real thing, and it’s free! Colin Bennett, 101 this time, but get on board. Just the best. 🚀

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Another great show this week guys, the sound was great, and the guest amazing Thanks Jamie

Posted by: Jamie Havican 05/22/2010 at 08:00 PM

You two are fantastic! What a great show, so warm and fun an informative. Mr. Bennett was a delight. Talk about synchronicity, Richard Dolan posted on facebook that he would be on tonight. So I was thinking cool I love listening to Richard Dolan and I tuned in only to find you talking to Mr. Bennett.

So why is this synchronistic? Because I got into ufology via chemtrails. Watching chemtrails led me to see my 1st UFO which lead me realize there was a connection between UFO’s and my local nuclear power plant. That then led me to watch the skies more and I then saw an orb and a translucent plane. (The translucent plane freaked me out way more than the ufo for some reason.)This also lead me to become friends with some awesome people who have a spirit society.

While talking to my 83 year old Mother about all of this she looked at me like I was a nit wit and said “They’ve been coming here for a long long time.” That comment surprised me but then made clear many other things which have happened in the past.

So anyway theres more to the story so for now lets just say your show rocks and you are doing a great job. I will definitely tune in when I can. Post the time and show topic in facebook and you will have people tuning in like crazy!

Smiles, Roo

Posted by: Mary “Roo” McCarthy 05/22/2010 at 08:35 PM

Colin Bennett even knows who I am and he’s a fan? Be still my beating heart!

Did I hear that right? …And I did because I ran it back about 700 times or so just to be sure! Wow!

“Jimmy crack corn and Bender is great, uh-huh…uh-huh” I’m cool! [g].

But seriously, killer program as always. I almost wish I’d been an enemy so the appellation coming would have some more unmistakable value or cache.

Colin Bennett seems to transcend charismatic agnosticism himself from what appears to be some pretty compelling counsel, eh? What a wonderful mind, huh!

…And you guys! What an intellectually amusing interplay you engage in without the slightest arrogance or pretension! Wonderful stuff.

Posted by: Lehmberg 05/23/2010 at 10:51 PM

Great Show Guys

Posted by: Clearly Skewed 05/25/2010 at 03:01 PM
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