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Richard Dolan 🚀 11

👯 June 5, 2010

Tonight we will have a very fun, very informative show with two people who are as knowledgable as you can be in the UFO field, yet still sane. Richard Dolan and his lovely wife Karyn will be our guests, and if you have a glass of wine at the ready, please come and join us.

We will toast Richard’s new book, UFOs and the National Security State: The Coverup Exposed 1973-1991, which is the second book in the all-important trilogy that stands as one of our field’s most treasured items. It’s absolutely ground-zero, and we can’t wait to talk about it.

Meanwhile, here is an extra treat: Alfred Lehmberg’s fabulous cover story on Richard, which is in the current issue of UFO Magazine, on newsstands and coffee tables everywhere. I want to thank Alfred for the cover artwork, which I neglected to do in the pages of the magazine. He is a whiz.

Tune in for some good talkin’ … !

The Show: A wonderful interview, if I may say so. Just wonderful. We missed Karyn, and I hope the next time Richard Dolan is visiting, she will come along for the next great conversation.

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When you start talking about an unelected private sector (corporate) government deeply rooted, entirely parasitic, and in unlawful control of the bona fide elected one playing patsy for it, one can begin to understand that the shock of such can translate into zero comments on one of the most important conversations of our time. Download and listen with all deliberate speed.

My only disappointment with the scope of this program is that an equally razor sharp Karyn Dolan was not present to offer her “buck-three-fitty” on the affair, eh? Maybe next time. Killer program Nancy and Bill. Apart from that one time early on when we were cast adrift into a storm tossed Adriatic, they all are. …Organized, objective, constructive, comprehensive, flexible, acceptable, specific, and thoughtful!

Posted by: Lehmberg 06/08/2010 at 01:27 PM

I have always been a huge fan of Richard & Karyn.

You know you have done a lot of research when it takes 3 books to break the surface of the topic.

Great Show Bill & Nancy.

Have them back soon… real soon!

Posted by: Larry Gessner 06/10/2010 at 07:43 AM
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