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Sri and Kira πŸš€ 12

πŸ‘― June 12, 2010

Feel the Love! It’s Sri and Kira! You may scoff. Go on … get it out of your system. This week’s show is all about love, and you will surely feel it by the time the show is over. Our guests are our friends Sri and Kira, and yes, they have funny names and even odder stories to tell.

They embody love in all its many aspects. First of all, there is their own incredible love story, which is fun to hear and we will ask them to re-tell it. Then there is their love of Guatemala, which is a country undergoing its own trial right now.

This link will take you to their website, where you can learn much more about the storms, the volcano, and of course that deep black hole that has opened up there. This link will take you to their weekly radio show 2012 Higher Love, where you can hear more.

But most important, there is the spiritual element that our guests embody, and that’s where you will really feel the love. No matter where you are on the path of life, you will resonate with their words, I assure you. Every time we’ve spent time with them, we’ve felt better about everything … sort of as if we could conquer the world.

And that maybe, just maybe, the world will be OK. Maybe love will heal our poor world, our troubled lives, our ravaged natures. Check in on Saturday night at 6 pm Eastern, and check your cynical rags at the door. You will feel radiant!

The Show: As I predicted, this is a lovely show! Give yourself a treat and listen to our friends Sri and Kira as we talk about the big topics. And I do mean big: the meaning of life, the future of the planet, the way of the sage. You will be incredibly glad that you did. Trust me. πŸš€

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