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Adam Gorightly πŸš€ 13

πŸ‘― June 19, 2010

I have always wanted to talk to Adam Gorightly, pictured here on the far right in a group photo that includes Greg Bishop, Farah Yurdozu, and Nick Redfern at the Albuquergue Airport last year. It’s probably the only time he’s ever been on the far right.

I missed my big chance when he was running the Retro UFO Space Convention at the Integraton in Landers, California way back in β€˜07. We had some kind of last-minute derangement that derailed our plans, and I’ll probably remember what it was before we talk. It might be the content of the babble before the show.

Life is full of unusual streams, and Adam is a guy who canoes easily along, looking for branches in the flow. At least, that’s how I picture him. He’s a cool, mysterious dude, and we hope to learn lots more Saturday evening.

He has written explorations of Kerry Thornley and James Shelby Downard, as well as Charles Manson. He knows stuff. The conversation will be thrilling and lively. Meanwhile, check out his blog UUntamed Dimensions, and bookmark it for life.

Try to tune in live – it’s the most fun. And here is our very cool chatroom, where you can go and try to rattle the status quo. Come and play.

The show: Join us for an indepth conversation with Adam Gorightly, author of five books and countless articles on conspiracy, the Kennedy assassination, Robert Anton Wilson, and much much more. It’s the rabbit hole, and Adam is your helpful guide. πŸš€

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