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Nancy Talbott πŸš€ 16

πŸ‘― July 10, 2010

Tonight we welcome Nancy Talbott, of BLT Research. She is pictured here on the right in one of Farah Yurdozu’s photos from Farah’s website. Our conversation will be wide-ranging, covering crop circles and cattle research. Please tune in tonight by clicking the DCIX.FM link over there on the right, and get ready for a lively talk!

The Show: Tonight we talked to Nancy Talbott, who is the president of the BLT Research Team. Join us for a conversation about the current state of crop-circle research, a little bit about Robert van den Broeke, a 30-year-old Dutchman who may be able to provide very unique insights into the phenomenon. Finally, we touch on cattle mutilations. If you didn’t have enough to worry about after last week’s show, listen to this one. πŸš€

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