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Regan Lee πŸš€ 20

πŸ‘― August 7, 2010

Tonight we welcome Regan Lee and James Rich, artists and voyagers, to the show. When you look up the word prolific in the online dictionary, in addition to about 56 cookies getting uploaded to your browser, you will find this photo and a list of Regan’s blogs: The Orange Orb, Octopus Confessional, Pulp Jello, Frame 352, Women of Esoterica, Saucer Sightings, Snarly Skepticism, UFO Mary, Mothman Flutterings, and Vintage U.F.O. In addition, Regan is a columnist for UFO Magazine and for Binnall of America.

So, what will we talk about? The sky is the limit! Tune in at 6 PM Eastern time live.

The Show: We welcome our longtime and most beloved columnist Regan Lee and her husband James Rich to the show. Regan and Jim have many things in common: artistic talent by the truckload, wit, senses of humor, and weird anomalous episodes that include substantial missing time. We explore same. πŸš€

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