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Paul H. Smith πŸš€ 22

πŸ‘― August 21, 2010

Paul H. Smith looking into a mirror..

Tonight we have the incredible opportunity to speak with Paul H. Smith, one of the original and one of the best remote viewers. This is the real deal, folks. Paul has written a wonderful book, Reading the Enemy’s Mind, and has also written several articles for UFO Magazine on his various experiences, including one in particular that you can be sure we will be discussing. It is proof that one can, with skill, remote-view the future. I predict that you will love this show!!

See how easy it is?!

Paul Smith in front of some books.

The Show: What a great show! Even though I am telling you this, your subconscious already knows it! You’ll see what I mean when you listen to the show. Meanwhile, here are some of the links we talked about on the show:

Paul’s web site.

Free dowsing DVD πŸš€

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