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Jamie Havican πŸš€ 28

πŸ‘― October 9, 2010

We were live at MUFON! We had great plans for this show, and in the spirit of all thing woo and wang, it didn’t turn out the way we wanted it, but it really did turn out great. This turn of events was due, in essence, to the grace and talent of Jamie Havican, who started out the evening as a listener and ended up being a very engaged and engaging guest instead.

We had spent the afternoon at the Pensylvania MUFON Conference, which was chaired by MUFON folk John Ventre and Bob Gardner. Some of the speakers included Karyn Dolan and Kathleen Marden, all of whom graciously spoke to Bill on tape outside of their other tasks that day.

We were going to play snippits of those conversations on the show, but when we got home we found that our ShoutCast link had gone south and thus our plans … enter Jamie. He was able to host us via his own feed for Inception Radio, and the rest is the glorious podcast that we now have in our archives.

All the names, above, will be click-able links to the unedited long-form interviews that Bill conducted. I am still processing them – which means listening and taking out any stray sounds that I can. There will still be plenty of convention hub-bub in the background, if you like that sort of thing.

Image of a green triangle-like object in the night sky.

On tonight’s show, we talked … and I will fill in all the cool sighting links very soon. You will need them! And here they are:

First of all, check out the Roger Marsh article with the sighting (above) that Jamie reported. Next, the footage from Scotland that basically started Jamie down the road to studying this anomalies is on this YouTube site.

Finally, here is the Florida sighting footage, as reported by Fox News. For more information about Jamie and his wonderful radio show, please check out Inception Radio … and subscribe! πŸš€

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