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David Black πŸš€ 30

πŸ‘― October 23, 2010

Tonight we talk to David Black, a very prolific writer and TV producer. His latest book is a thriller, and I don’t want to give away the ending. That’s because I’m right in the middle of it, and I’m enjoying myself so much … don’t want to spoil my own fun.

But there’s plenty of other things to talk about: espionage, white slavery, dirty electricity, and of course, extinction! Tune in and enjoy!!

Cover of the Dark Skies DVD.

The Show: Join us tonight for a wide-ranging discussion with author David Black about the nature of consciousness from a writer who has thought a long time about things like the occult manipulations behind the scenes of your favorite shows, including the advertising breaks. Especially, the advertising breaks.

We also talk about David’s new novel, The Extinction Event, without giving away the ending that I hear is out of this world. I’m going right back to his book as soon as I post this web page. Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful show! πŸš€

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