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Rick Lertzman πŸš€ 32

πŸ‘― November 6, 2010

Tonight’s show will touch on some of the more obscure and yes, the darker aspects of show business and politics from a consummate insider and storyteller and fan: Rick Lertzman. Rick and Bill have been working together on a book that will rock the foundations of Hollywood history if it can ever see the light of day.

In the meantime, I am hoping that they can talk about it. At least, some of it. Yes, it involves drugs and sex along with the rocking. Of course. Totally fascinating and sadly, all true.

Tune in!

Cover of a Dr. Feelgood DVD.

The Show: Tonight’s show is a really intense walk back into the past: our recent past. Your jaw will drop when you learn some of the behind-the-scenes antics that some of our most beloved public figures were up to in the dark. It seems as if everyone who was anyone is our country back in the day went to see Dr. Feelgood, and Rick has the story.

To say he tells it very well is a total understatement. You will hang on every word and wish there were more … and we will definitely do another episode with Rick soon. So much to tell! πŸš€

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