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Noah Felice πŸš€ 35

πŸ‘― December 4, 2010

After his experience in the waters off Catalina Island thirty years ago when, he says, he was shot down by a USO and had a near-death experience, Noah Felice has claimed to have psychic abilities, including metal telepathy. A private detective in New York state, Noah says that he has put those abilities to work on behalf of crime victims and those wrongly accused of crimes.

Here is a clip of Noah from the first season of UFO Hunters, where he recreats the tragic and fatal crash that took his cousin’s life and altered his life forever.

A scene from UFO Hunters.

The Show: Tonight’s guest, Noah Felice, describes his near-fatal plane crash and UFO encounter near Catalina Island, California. This encounter changed his life, and at the same time is a part of a longer and more complicated history of UFO visits and experiences. Noah can be contacted directly via email: aliendetective@aol.com πŸš€

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