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Jim Dilettosa πŸš€ 39

πŸ‘― January 22, 2011

We had a great, great conversation with Jim Dilettosa on Saturday, and the audio – for once – is clear and in stereo, thanks to the producing expertise of Jamie Havican. Repeat: thanks!! We will stay under the technical umbrella of the Inception Radio Network for a while these next few weeks … for as long as it takes us to get our sound fixed.

Meanwhile, enjoy a wonderful conversation with Jim, one of ufology’s true insiders. His day job is photo analysis. Here is some extra info from the Psitalk website:

Jim Dilettoso has over 100 projects and 20 years experience in CAD engineering and communications installation. He was one of the early pioneers in Computer Aided Design systems with experience in systems design and application engineering. He was a founder of the Arizona State University Computer Institute and served as it’s CAD and AI Director from 1984 to 1989. While in that post he also served as the NASA Industrial Application Center Technology Director.

A clipping from a 1997 newspaper about the Phoenix Lights.

Tune in to a wonderful conversation with photo expert and all-around brainy Jim Dilettoso. Jim entered the recent UFO scene with his analysis of the http://www.thephoenixlights.net/PL_Home.htm incident, but his involvement goes back – way back – to the early APRO days. You will add to your UFO store of knowledge and basically, enhance your life, by listening to tonight’s show. πŸš€

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