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Paul Kimball πŸš€ 46

πŸ‘― March 19, 2011

I have long enjoyed listening to Paul Kimball’s appearances on various radio shows through the years, and now we’ll have a chance to speak to him directly. It should be a lot of fun because Paul is very direct and to-the-point.

To prepare for the show, I urge everyone to try and watch one of Paul’s more famous films, his documentary Best Evidence, which is available online for free. It is required viewing for anyone even remotely interested in UFOs and their history.

More of Paul’s work – including ghost hunting – can be found here. Now, go and watch the video! There will be a quiz.

Photo of an RB-47 airplane.

The Show: A free-range conversation about ufology, documentation, and some of the classic cases that keep researchers like filmmaker Paul Kimball interested in what this mystery is all about. It’s more than the sum of its strongest cases, such as the one involving an RB-47 reconnaissance plane like the one, above.

I know you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as we enjoyed it! πŸš€

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