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Patty Greer πŸš€ 54

πŸ‘― May 14, 2011

This week we will meet our current cover model, Patty Greer. She has had a fascinating life before her life in the circles – as in, crop circles! – and we will learn about her discoveries along her journey.

This issue has been hugely popular, and now I am working madly on the next issue, so I will make this note brief. Make sure you have your issue at hand and your questions at the ready in the chat!

The Show: Tonight we spoke with Patty Greer, a filmmaker who has had the gift of crop circles in her life. She describes what it’s like to be inside one of these odd manifestations, and we speak of the earth’s energies, messages, and perhaps language.

Check out her movies, which you can order or view directly from her website. Enjoy! πŸš€

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