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Freeman Fly πŸš€ 59

πŸ‘― June 25, 2011

Most intelligent hard-thinking people believe in synchronicity. I think it’s a good clue to a level of patterning behind the chaotic scrim of everyday life. A fellow at the center of the web, in my opinion, is Freeman Fly – not his real name, of course.

He has an engaging presence on the internets, and he’s been conducting research into the ways of the real world from ancient times to the present. I will post the link to a good intro to Freeman as soon as I can find it again. Stay tuned … stay happy.

Update: With the good Freeman’s help, here is the link to the bio movies. Definitely worth all the time you can give it. You need this background. Trust.

Freeman Fly and Dan Fogler at a Masonic Temple.

This has been one incredible show, sliced throughout by a quick silencing of Freeman just about every time he started to delve into Freemason lore. Coincidence? Probably. Sure. The photo, above, shows Freeman and Dan Fogler in the lodge in New York City.

To add to your viewing pleasure, here is a different link from the ones I’ve lister here. It is this fascinating site full of Freeman TV multimedia goodies. Poke around, absorb, and get ready for the next session I hope we will have with Mr. Fly. πŸš€

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