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Emma Woods πŸš€ 63

πŸ‘― July 23, 2011

Tonight we speak with the very gentle, very interesting Emma Woods. This is, of course, not her real name. She put a very intimate part of her life ononline a few years ago, and as a result the UFO petrie dish has become fertilized with a whole new meme: the myth of hypnotic retrieval.

We will talk about the after-effects and how she is coping today. We’ll also address the enigmatic baby in the bathwater … are aliens real, and did they ever make contact with Emma?

Cover of UFO Magazine, #154.

The Show: We had a wonderful talk with Emma Woods tonight, with a little bit of technical trouble thrown in on the side. Nonetheless, I think you will find much to enjoy in this enlightening conversation. If you would like the full story behind tonight’s episode, you can get this issue and read it all for yourself!

I also do apologize in advance if the three voice levels vary quite a bit. However, I do know that what Emma has to say is valuable and speaks directly to the topic of hypnotism as a tool for UFO research, so you won’t want to miss this! πŸš€

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