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Robbie Graham πŸš€ 68

πŸ‘― August 27, 2011

We’re very excited to be talking to Robbie Graham, pictured above, on the right, with his friend and cowriter Matthew Alford. We will be talking about two subjects that are near and dear: UFOs and Hollywood. Are there any deeper, hidden connections? Is the moon made of green cheese?

Here is Robbie’s bio:

I am a full-time doctoral candidate at the University of Bristol for a PhD examining Hollywood’s historical representations of UFOs and potential extraterrestrial life. As a freelance writer and lecturer my work emphasises the industrial, cultural and political processes by which Hollywood’s UFO movie content is shaped, as well the impact of these movies on popular perceptions of the UFO phenomenon. I also write more broadly on the deep politics of Hollywood.

I hold a Masters degree with Distinction in Cinema Studies from the University of Bristol and a First Class Honours degree in Film, Television, and Radio Studies from Staffordshire University. I am a graduate of the New York Film Academy in Manhattan. I have broadcast on BBC Radio, Coast to Coast AM and Canal+ TV.

My articles with author Matthew Alford have appeared in a variety of publications including The Guardian, New Statesman, Filmfax, Fortean Times, Adbusters and the peer-reviewed journal 49th Parallel.

Top Secret Umbra.

The Show: We spoke tonight to Robbie Graham, an expert on the Hollywood-government connection. Didn’t know there was one? Oh, think again. Robbie knows a lot of secret goings-on behind the scenes of the movies that have come to define the paranormal field.

I’m posting this quickly, running ahead of the hurricane that’s coming up the Eastern seaboard. Be safe, all my friends and neighbors!! πŸš€

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