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Dennis McKenna πŸš€ 72

πŸ‘― September 24, 2011

It is was great, great excitement that I announce our upcoming guest Dennis McKenna. He is an ethnopharmacologist, an author, a thinker, and a scholar. In addition, he is the brother of Terence McKenna and is currently writing a book about this relationship, to be called, possibly, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss.

In any event, if you visit the linked website, you will learn more about this project, and if funding is still accepted, you can pre-fund the publication and even basically pre-order a copy of the book!

Can’t wait until Saturday!!

Dennis McKenna outside.

The Show: You will love this most wonderful conversation we have with Dennis McKenna, who is an amazing thinker with an equally amazing history. He, along with his late brother Terence McKenna, pioneered the research into the properties of the Psilocybe cubensis, plumbing its depths and highs. We talk about what this means for mankind’s progress.

Here is a link to an early book that he coauthored describing the mushroom and its cultivation.

In addition, we talked about Dennis’s upcoming book, tentatively titled β€œThe Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss,” and through that link you can learn more and perhaps get on an early mailing list for a copy. πŸš€

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