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Ted Torbich πŸš€ 83

πŸ‘― December 31, 2011

It’s New Year’s Eve! Join us for the most fun you can possibly have tonight, the last evening of 2011. We will be talking to Ted Torbich, resident wit of our brother radio show The Stench of Truth on the Inception Radio Network. I need hardly elaborate.

Also, check out Ted’s videos on YouTube and his blog. And so it goes. Happy happy new year. Happy happy season to you all.

The show: We welcome in the new year with our esteemed colleague at Inception Radio, Ted Torbich. Ted is the host of Stench of Truth, which airs on Friday nights.

Yes, it’s the dreaded 2012, and neither Ted nor Bill is very worried about that. I am, but that is to be expected. Somebody’s got to buy the hype and contain the fear, but Ted remains a voice of reason. πŸš€

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