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Pat Uskert πŸš€ 86

πŸ‘― January 21, 2012

Pat, in a hat, is back! It is with great pleasure that I announce our next show: that’s right, chums and fellow hunter-gatherers, it’s Pat Uskert! In the aural flesh! In the United States, for once.

Tune in on Saturday, January 21, 6 p.m. Eastern. We’re gonna have fun! Tune in a little before 6 for some extra fun and join the chat to get the whole surround experience.

The Show: The issue that is pictured here is back from 2004, when we first met Pat Uskert because of the sighting he describes, inside that issue. You can still order a copy in paper – copies are limited – or a PDF of the issue.

It’s been a fun ride ever since that sunny day, and now most of the world knows Pat and his interest in things that are somewhat unusual. Check out this show, which was so much fun to create. Pat catches us up on his journey since the last episode of UFO Hunters aired, and we also talk about the future and plans that are forming up even as we were speaking.

Enjoy! We sure did! πŸš€

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