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Frank Longo, Peter Guttilla πŸš€ 91

πŸ‘― February 25, 2012

Captured by the Light! Join us for a discussion of the case of Dorothy Izatt, shown above in a beautiful image created by Al Lehmberg. Our guests will be Frank Longo, director of the DVD Capturing the Light, and Dorothy’s biographer Peter Guttilla. Peter’s book is Contact With Beings of Light: The Amazing True Story of Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatt.

To prepare for this show, it is recommended that you first read Al’s description of her case in his blog entry Sedition of the Light. If anything can truly prepare you, that is.

Cover of Beings of Light.

The Show: Our show tonight was just amazing! Listen in as the folks at Peter Guttilla’s phone line – while they were live on air – encounter some real-life orbs. Exciting! Peter’s book is Beings of Light.

Meanwhile, we examine in depth Frank Longo’s amazing DVD of the case, Capturing the light. You can stream it at Amazon for just $1.99, and I urge you to do so. πŸš€

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