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Dr. Lynne Kitei πŸš€ 96

πŸ‘― March 31, 2012

It is the fifteenth anniversary of the incredible Phoenix Lights, and incredibly, we’re a totally changed world because of the experience. Finally! Everyone knows!

Just kidding … as you can see in the text crawl in the screen grab of Dr. Lynne Kitei, above, it’s still all the same old, same old … man arrested for keeping a raccoon as a pet.

That should show you the equivalency the big powers-that-be place on the topic of other worlds, other intelligences. Nobody here but us raccoons. Join us for a lively chat about everything but.

Cover of the Phoenix Lights DVD.

The Show: As predicted, we had a great talk with Dr. Lynne Kitei tonight! You will learn a lot more about this amazing phenomnon call The Phoenix Lights. It is not just a one-night sighting by a few individuals, including Dr. Lynne.

Instead, it was – is – something that was witnessed by thousands of people in person and then countless millions as a result of this documentary and subsequent news reports. It was – is – also something that is profound and much more complex than is generally known.

Enjoy the interview! πŸš€

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