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James Quilligan πŸš€ 104

πŸ‘― June 2, 2012

It’s Just Common Sense! James Quilligan is Managing Director of the Centre for Global Negotiations and Chairman for the Secretariat of Global Commons Trust. He has spoken before the U.N. as advisor for several different programs and developmental organizations.

His activism comes at a very pressing time for our earth and our personal health and well-being. What is a commons? Who owns the air? Who can own all of our dwindling resources? Very, very pressing questions, indeed.

A big thanks to Jason Francis, a great friend-of-the-show, for setting up this interview! It will be monumental!

The Show: You will learn a whole heckova lot by listening to tonight’s show! James Quilligan is the articulate voice of a new kind of economics, one that seems to actually have a conscience rather than just a hand on your wallet.

This is the future, I think. I hope. There has to be a way to preserve the common good, the common spaces, and the common treasure for future generations. Make sure you check out the Global Commons Trust website to learn more! πŸš€

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