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Arlan Andrews πŸš€ 106

πŸ‘― June 23, 2012

This week, after a very very happy break for some family festivities, we welcome Arlan Andrews, one of our favorite UFO Magazine columnists. Arlan has been pretty busy since our last visit, and we will delve into his book Valley of the Shaman.

It’s got it all, and we will learn some secrets! I hope! Meanwhile, you can listen to our previous interview with Arlan here. Enjoy!

The Show: We spoke with UFO Magazine columnist and prolific writer and researcher Arlan Andrews about quite a few disparate topics on the show. The photo above shows him – in the middle – on his recent trip to Saudi Arabia with his group SIGMA, the science-fiction think tank.

In addition, we discussed his recent book Valley of the Shaman, and I think you will enjoy this talk just as much as we did! πŸš€

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