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Frank Feschino, Al Lehmberg 🚀 111

👯 July 28, 2012

Frank is Back! And Al is With Him!! Tonight, because I am deep in a deep project, I will let Saturday’s co-co-host Al Lehmberg do the introducing for the show. But first, please see Frank Feshino’s website, and particularly this image:

Frank Feschino's map of sightings.

This is a short discussion for a map of West Virginia illustrated with a time line of cited UFO sightings. What is so astonishing about this initiative is this: were this illustrated map to be a depiction of UFOs comprising their activities over a decade… it would be impressively compelling enough. It must wholly shock if a only year is depicted. A month’s depiction and it’s impossibly difficult to get your head around… a day is simply inconceivable… but how about an hour and some minutes change?!

Drawing by Frank Feschino of the Braxton County monster.

The Show: Tonight’s show is a must-hear if you have any interest at all in the topic of UFOs in the United States. As in, did they ever land on the White House lawn? Why won’t our government tell us what they know? What is the hidden history of the invasion that we, in fact, did experience in the Eastern U.S. in the 1950s?

Our guests know their history! Frank Feschino’s revised edition of The Braxton County Monster will be out soon, and it should put any skeptics to the test. What started out for Frank as a simple exercise in documentary filmmaking has turned into a 21-year quest to fully document this important time in our forgotten history. It’s an amazing work of scholarship, and you will love hearing about this incident.

Also, it was so wonderful to have Al on the show to support Frank and to keep the discussion on the tracks. Heck, it would be wonderful to have Al on the show each week – maybe he will agree? 🚀

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