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Story Musgrave πŸš€ 115

πŸ‘― September 8, 2012

Astronaut Story Musgrave, who logged 25 million miles during six space shuttle missions and who developed the spacesuit that was used by shuttle astronauts for space walks, was one of the first orbital repairmen as part of the crew that fixed problems with the Hubble Space Telescope. Musgrave is a surgeon, engineer, designer, and, in addition to his other professional degrees, earned an MBA. He is one of the most traveled astronauts in the shuttle program, having flown on all of the shuttles.

It was on Columbia, STS-80, a seventeen-day flight, that Dr. Musgrave said he saw a large disk-shaped object below the shuttle that was rotating counter clockwise. Musgrave said he couldn’t determine what it was, who was in it – if anybody – or where it came from. It was just there.

Musgrave later said: β€œI don’t know what it is. Whether it’s a washer, debris, ice particles, I don’t know. But it’s characteristic of the thousands of things which I’ve seen. What is not so characteristic is it appears to come from nowhere. You would think that if it’s facing the dark side or facing a side towards you which is not reflecting the sun, you would think that you would see something there. It’s really impressive.”

During an earlier interview, Dr. Musgrave stated, β€œI attempted to communicate with ET life forms during each of his six missions.” He actually asked them to take him with them. Musgrave once showed a slide photo representing an alien gray and said, β€œThese guys are real … I guarantee it!” πŸš€

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