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πŸ‘― March 23, 2013

People are often skeptical about the UFO phenomenon but they shouldn’t be. At least a subset of UFO reports of around 5 percent are from credible witnesses and frequently backed by hard data such as radar tapes or gun-camera film. For example, astronauts Gordon Cooper and Buzz Aldrin, as well as Harvard astronomer Clyde Tombaugh have all publicly described their UFO sightings.

But the interesting thing is that we may be on the threshold of understanding the technology of UFOs. In a nutshell, it was once thought that the idea of extra dimensions was strictly the domain of science fiction. That has all changed in the last several decades as physicists appear to be closing in on a final β€˜theory of everything’ which suggests we may live in an eleven-dimensional universe. These cutting-edge theories are now being tested at the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland. Among the theories being tested is one called β€˜Warped Geometry,’ by a Harvard physicist, which may allow for fast interstellar travel in the extra dimensions.

One of my major goals with the book is to generate interest among specialists in spectrography to help UFO researchers gather spectrographic data from actual UFO sightings. If we detect something called Hawking radiation it would virtually confirm that UFOs are using technology that we are on the cusp of understanding here on Planet Earth.

Bob recently retired from Hewlett-Packard after 26 years in operations and product management. He has a BA in math from Rutgers University, an AS in aerospace engineering, and a MBA. Bob is married with a twenty-something daughter who is a structural engineer in the DC area. He served in the U.S. Army between 1966 and 1968, including a tour of duty in Vietnam. One of his personal accomplishments was to complete the Boston Marathon three times. However, he doesn’t recommend it!

Bob, and sometimes with his wife, have done talks or appearances at Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Kate Valentine Show, WVNJ 1160 AM at studio in Teaneck, New Jersey (on YouTube); Tom Anderson Show FOX News Alaska 95.5 FM KOAN; Billy Cox phone interview at Sarasota, Florida Herald Tribune for his DeVoid blog; Waldorf High School in Belmont, Mass.; Tatnuck Book Store in Westborough, Mass.; Triangle Variety Radio with physicist host Patrick Walters out of North Carolina; Far Out Radio with Scott Teeters; NorCal MUFON Skype telecast in San Jose, California. Their live presentation includes a PowerPoint slide show and excerpts from DVDs of pilot sightings of UFOs. πŸš€

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