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PA MUFON šŸš€ 166

šŸ‘Æ October 5, 2013

L-R: John Ventre, Nick Redfern, Antonio Paris, Anthony Sanchez, Bill Birnes, Pat Uskert, Tom Carey, (unknown), Travis Walton, (unknown)

This is an excellent show. It was off to a somewhat shaky start, since I was doing the opening bit alone and Bill was actually at the conference, taking a break, and eating dinner. Iā€™m not entirely comfortable with doing this show alone.

At the 6:30 mark, the folks in the above photo began to filter into the room with the computer open, and the audience grew in the room as these guys gathered around the Skype portal.

Ah, such modern times! We continued the broadcast live, with lots of live questions from the chatters in the chat, with the sound of laughter coming from the audience members, even more live-in-the-flesh than the chatters. Rooms, virtual rooms, oh my. šŸš€

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