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Dr. Erol Faruk πŸš€ 208

πŸ‘― July 28, 2014

Tonight we welcome Dr. Erol Faruk, whose new book has recently been published. Here is the description from Amazon.com.

Physical and chemical analysis of a glowing ring soil residue allegedly left behind by a UFO hovering above the ground is presented. The analysis results strongly implicate a genuine UFO to have been present and that it was exhibiting an unusual luminescence technology. An overview of the current UFO situation is also presented, along with a discussion of why scientific journals have been reluctant to publish the analysis and its data. The Foreword to the book is by Dr. Michael Swords, who has himself previously been involved with collating all other analysis data from this famous UFO case.

The author is a British born scientist from Turkish parentage. After receiving his B.Sc (Hons) in chemistry from Queen Mary College, London University, he stayed on to earn a PhD in the organic synthesis of unstable carotenoid pigments before moving to Oxford and Nottingham Universities to carry out postdoctoral research in other areas of chemistry. He then found long term employment as a pharmaceutical development chemist which led to him being named inventor and co-inventor of numerous patents awarded for commercially important processes. The author’s early interest in astronomy indirectly led to his curiosity into the UFO phenomenon, and once he became adept in chemistry he was keen to use his expertise to uncover knowledge on the phenomenon if at all possible. This book is the result of that endeavour. πŸš€

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