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Art Campbell πŸš€ 227

πŸ‘― December 8, 2014

A photo of Art Campbell searching the crash site in 1996.

Join us tonight as we welcome Art Campbell to the show. We will be talking about his discoveries, including some very new ones, concerning a crash site on the San Augustin plain. Art and his team were the first civilian UFO researchers to find and have scientific analysis done on this much UFO debris. Art estimates there was some 25-30 pounds of it. Some of it was laying on the surface, other material was found in excavations and with metal detectors. A detailed scientific report is available for download on Art’s website.

Cover of UFO Crash at San Augustin.

Stanton Friedman sent him out to the crash site in 1994. He had visited there in 1990. Other recommendations included in the book: one from Tim Good and a statement about Art’s UFO work in the 1950s by Donald E. Keyhoe. There are some very nice reader comments from Create Space readers; they can be found at the bottom of the order page.

Art is a retired high-school principal and counselor from the Pacific Northwest. He served during the Korean War with a fleet electronics training unit aboard the USS Boxer. Art is a former Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster and former NICAP investigator for Donald Keyhoe. Art and his wife Mary Lou met and were married in St Joseph Missouri in 1958. πŸš€

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