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Emma Woods, Jeremy Vaeni, Alfred Lehmberg, Jack Brewer πŸš€ 228

πŸ‘― December 15, 2014

The cover story of Emma Woods in UFO Magazine.

Tonight we have a very exciting show planned for you, and it will be jam-packed with important information for anyone interested in the current state of abduction research. In addition, we will be talking to Jeremy Vaeni about the new Project Core in the first half-hour.

If you aren’t familiar with the story of Emma Woods, the story is here. In addition, we will be speaking to Jack Brewer and wishing Al Lehmberg the happiest of birthdays!

Emma Woods’ website is in the process of being rebuilt, and contains archived material related to her case for easy access. This includes Paratopia shows, Paranormal Waypoint shows, and UFO Magazine articles. Her YouTube channel has videos about her anomalous experiences, including footage of unexplained events. πŸš€

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