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Dr. Robert Wood & Ryan S. Wood πŸš€ 229

πŸ‘― December 22, 2014

Ryan Wood on camera.

Tonight we will be speaking to both Dr. Robert Wood as well as his son Ryan S. Wood. We will be discussing the famous Majestic Documents and Ryan’s new book MAJIC Eyes Only.

MAJIC EYES ONLY is a landmark synthesis and review of every credible UFO crash retrieval event uncovered worldwide to date. Assembling data from his own research and numerous other investigators, including crash retrieval pioneer Leonard Stringfield, the author presents 74 UFO crashes from 1897 to the present, supported by compelling evidence in the form of official documents, eyewitnesses and in some cases physical evidence. Incidents do vary in quality, evidence, and therefore authenticity. However, any reader who starts from a neutral position will find, by the end of this book, that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that: 1) UFOs have crashed on earth, 2) governments have recovered and exploited these alien technology gifts and 3) most disturbing to a democratic free society, the β€œalien secret” is more important than constitutional or individual rights. πŸš€

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