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John Alexander πŸš€ 241

πŸ‘― March 23, 2015

A photo of John Alexander, Steven Segal, and Phil Corso.

Tonight we welcome John Alexander to the show! Make sure to check out his website if you would like to try to keep up with his adventures.

We are hoping to discuss the promise of some new treatments for PTSD, straight from the jungle. Also, tonight’s show is a celebration of our five years on the air! We will reminisce, but gently and only if the Tweetdeck is tolerant. Try these hashtags if you’re looking for some fun: #DMtalk #PSNRadio #FutureTheater #epicnancy … it’s chat-o-matic.

You can catch our earlier shows with John: (5.29.10) and (6.2.14). πŸš€

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