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Paul Davids πŸš€ 293

πŸ‘― April 11, 2016

A photo of Paul Davids.

Tonight we talk again with a very interesting man, a man who is almost a Renaissance man. Paul Davids is a film producer who also happens to be an artist, a clothing designer, and a writer of several interesting books, including the nonfiction An Atheist in Heaven, cowritten with Dr. Gary E. Swartz.

Cover of An Atheist in Heaven.

Here is some info about the book:

β€œWhat happens when a lifelong skeptic dies and discovers he was wrong about life after death? Forrest J. Ackerman (1916-2008), a luminary in the early history of science fiction and an ardent, lifelong atheist, promised that if he were wrong about the nonexistence of an afterlife, he would attempt to send a convincing message to a few people he especially respected. Not only did Forrest leave a physical message for coauthor Paul Davids that could not be explained by contemporary forensic science, but in addition, he produced an extraordinary wealth of four kinds of converging evidence: (1) startling physical phenomena (many with clues to his identity); (2) frequent, highly improbable synchronicities; (3) relevant communications via research mediums; and (4) astonishing, measurable effects on technology, possibly beyond anything previously documented in the history of afterlife research. Could this in fact be the ultimate evidence for life after death?”

Other interesting projects Paul has either created or collaborated on include Marilyn Monroe Declassified, Jesus in India, and The Artist and The Shaman.

Paul’s previous visit to Future Theater can be relived here. πŸš€

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