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Jeff Ritzman, Jeremy Vaeni πŸš€ 18

πŸ‘― July 24, 2010

The Jeff and Jerr show. You may wonder why I have vintage photos of our two guests, and I will tell you. There are a few reasons. First of all, Jeff Ritzmann (left) is notoriously shy and it’s hard to find a photo of him anywhere online. I did once see a few of him with friends having a couple of beers, but dang if I could find them in time for tonight’s show.

Tonight’s show will try to be serious because we’ll be talking about the David Jacobs controversy, but boys will be boys.

And on show night, you can press those dancing guys over on the left. I will have to look around for some animated robots to keep with the theme. See you in a few hours!

Jeremy and Jeff have been investigating the Emma Woods allegations against Professor David Jacobs of Temple University. In this in-depth conversation, Jeff and Jeremy talk about hypnosis in general and hypnosis used for abductee research in particular. It’s important to note that both Jeff and Jeremy have their own personal alien encounter experiences, so they are not debunkers. Far from it … listen and enjoy. πŸš€

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