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Rene Barnett πŸš€ 24

πŸ‘― September 4, 2010

Behind the scenes with Rene Barnett! Rene and her partner Bruce Burgess have created a wonderful, gripping movie: Bloodline. We watched it via Netflix Instant a few months ago, and it really sticks in your head. I don’t want to give away the good parts, and there are many, but the movie does something else, too: It raises as many questions as it answers.

We will ask some of those questions tonight. Tune in at 6 PM, Eastern Standard, for a talk that will be anything but standard. See you here.

The cover of the Bloodline DVD.

Rene Barnett is the producer of the movie Bloodline. It is a quest story, a Grail story, a documentary, a mystery, and a darn fine film to book. You can purchase it here: www.bloodlinethemovie.com, and you can also find out more information on the tour she’s hosting. If you don’t get the last two seats for the current tour, you can perhaps join Rene in April.

But meanwhile, sit back, relax, and learn a whole lot about another facet of our hidden history. πŸš€

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