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Alfred Lehmberg πŸš€ 26

πŸ‘― September 25, 2010

Alfred Lehmberg talks about the non-free John Ford. Join us tonight as we talk to Alfred Lehmberg about the events that make the John Ford story a compelling one of mystery, intrigue, and perhaps gross injustice. It’s an important story, attached to an even more important story: the UFO situation on Long Island in the very near past. Here is Alfred’s website Alien View, The Group.

An illustration of John Ford with a flying saucer by Alfred Lehmberg.

The Show: Tonight we talk about the huge injustice done on one man – John Ford – who also happened to be interested in the topic of UFOs. That interest was used against him when it came time to try him for attempted murder. As a result, he’s been declared insane … and it’s a cautionary tale for all of us. Alfred Lehmberg has followed the story since 1998, when he first heard about it on the radio. Here’s a story that doesn’t get better with age. πŸš€

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