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Eugenia Macer-Story πŸš€ 57

πŸ‘― June 4, 2011

We have a very interesting woman as our guest this week! Eugenia Macer-Story is a poet and playwright with an emphasis on the strange. Just our kind of person! Here is her official bio:

After completing an accelerated undergraduate degree in communications and a masters degree under Schubert Fellowship with a major in playwriting, E.Macer-Story began the venture entitled β€œMagick Mirror Communications” which has been in existence in various locations for thirty years. It has evolved that the focus of this enterprise is exploration of metaphysical topics and the so-called β€œsupernatural, including the β€œnew physics”. Her artwork and plays have been exhibited internationally and her poetry and writings on neo physics and mind/ matter interaction have been published in both technical journals and popular magazines. In recent years she has enjoyed a positive Magick Mirror Internet presence as well.

A illustration of the devil from Virgina Macer-Story.

The Show: Tonight’s show was a blockbuster of exciting ideas! I was worried that my preparation didn’t start early enough – say, in college – but poet and playwright Eugenia was so gracious and engaging and jaw-droppingly amazing. Her theory of the Fluidice NexusFluidice alone is worth the price of admission to this show.

We learn how some of her psychic and extreme cognitive functions began with an orb sighting that matched one her grandfather experienced, and I have to say we only touched the beginnings of the story here. I hope we have another session very soon. Enjoy! πŸš€

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