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Kathleen Marden πŸš€ 61

πŸ‘― July 9, 2011

I am very very excited about talking to http://www.kathleen-marden.com/ this week. She is a bright new star on the UFO talk circuit, and her books have been top-notch. She is the co-author, along with the fabulous Stan Friedman, of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill Experience and Science Was Wrong. Recently, she has released In Their Own Words: The Betty and Barney Hill Story.

These books are available in various formats at Kathleen’s website. In the meantime, here is a free PDF for you to enjoy: It’s an excerpt from Science Was Wrong which is featured in our current issue. I loved every word of this article, and you can imagine how good the book is from this little taste. Enjoy!

Cover of Barney and Betty Hill: In Their Own Words.

Our guest, Kathleen Marden, is Betty Hill’s niece, and tonight she played us some excerpts from the actual recordings made when Betty and her husband Barney were under hypnosis following their very traumatic abduction experience. The full sessions can be heard on In Their Own Words: The Betty and Barney Hill Story.

It is beyond gripping to hear the actual voices, and the sample from Betty shows that she was very very upset during the recounting of incident.

In addition, Kathleen discussed some of the basic principles behind Science Was Wrong, the amazing book she co-wrote with Stanton Friedman. You will enjoy this discussion! πŸš€

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