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Paul Smith πŸš€ 108

πŸ‘― July 7, 2012

Paul Smith at the podium of the 2009 Remote Viewing Conference..

The awesome Paul Smith! You’ve heard us mention the name of Paul Smith many times during the past couple of years of broadcast here at Future Theater. That’s because he’s had a profound influence of the concept of what we can really do with our minds.

Paul was in the Army’s remote-viewing program and continues to teach the skill today. He’s amazing and honest and both brings the subject down to earth; at the same time, he hurtles your imagination all the way to the ends of the solar system and back.

Tune in!

Lighting in the trees.

The Show: We had quite a storm during the show, so there will be some strangeness here. We were talking to Paul Smith about the mind, the remote-viewing paradigm and every once in a while, there would be another bolt out of the blue.

Paul was a trouper throughout, and this is one great show because of him. Check out his websites and try and stay safe this summer! πŸš€

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