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Dennis Balthaser πŸš€ 169

πŸ‘― October 26, 2013

I can’t believe that we’ve gone this long into our show’s journey without talking to Dennis Balthaser, in the flesh. Ironically, one of his favorite topics – Roswell and its denizens – has become red-hot in the UFO news right now. We’ll touch that topic carefully, as is our way.

Check out Dennis’s extra-suave website, and if you have a few extra minutes on Saturday nights, open your computer and click on the live chat. You’ll be glad you did.

I mentioned a dandy new tool that I’m enjoying, but I mis-remembered the name of it. I should have said TextExpander, not Text-Enhancer, but enhance is what it actually does. That reminds me of another name I think is better than the original: instead of Flobee, should’t it have been called AirCut? I mean, if you’re actually going to try to cut your hair with a vacuum cleaner … πŸš€

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