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William Scott πŸš€ 182

πŸ‘― January 20, 2014

Here is the introduction to The Permit by Bill Scott: A Department of Homeland Security intelligence squad has identified a new, stunningly dangerous terrorist faction. Codenamed INDIGO, it constitutes the most serious domestic threat to U.S. national security, since nine-eleven. In the past decade, it has killed more Americans than al Qaeda murdered on that day of modern infamy.

These terrorists are deeply entrenched in society. They look like us, sound like us, live in our neighborhoods, and pass for respected citizens. But they have a permit to kill, and thousands of Americans are dying.

When three INDIGOs shoot and kill Erik Steele, a high-value covert federal operative, they unleash dual avenging forces: Checkmate, a deadly black-ops team charged with assassinating sleeper-cell terrorists, and Win Steele, Erik’s father and a former investigative journalist with close ties to the ultra-classified Black world. πŸš€

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