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James Gilliland πŸš€ 203

πŸ‘― June 23, 2014

Programming note: James Gilliland will be our guest on Monday evening at 7 pm, our 203rd show! We move to 8 pm next week, June 30.

Here is a free PDF of an article featuring James Gilliland that appeared in issue 108 of the old UFO Magazine. We still have some physical copies of those issues, and you can find them on the magazine’s archive page when I get that back up. Get them before they’re gone!

These prices are kind of steep, and my rationale for pricing the dwindling pile is stated at the top of the archives Page. Alternately, there are PDF facsimile versions of every issue from 108 to 159 to peruse or collect, and they are very reasonable at $3.00 an issue, except for 159, which is free. Each issue is an exact duplicate of the print version, except for 159, which is experimental. πŸš€

James Gilliland and orbs.

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