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Nick Redfern πŸš€ 213

πŸ‘― September 1, 2014

Tune in this Monday night for our guest Nick Redfern for our all-live two-hour extravaganza, beginning at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time, and continuing on for a rollicking two fun-filled hours!

And, if you would like to participate a bit, or even watch others talking about the show and asking our guests questions in real time, here are some ways you can do just that:

Tune in to chat or check out the wonders of Twitter, specifically by typing in #DMRadioNet into your Twitter search form. Start there, watch and join in, and grow new hashes on a whim: #futuretheater, #EPICNancy, (thanks, Leslie!), and so forth.

Watch this space for the show when it’s finished, and look below for all our past shows. How nice is that? πŸš€

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