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Lasha Seniuk πŸš€ 216

πŸ‘― September 22, 2014

Join us tonight as we wpeak to Lasha Seniuk, a very gifted astrologer who has eloquently described her journeys between worlds in her book Field Notes: One Mystic’s Journey. Her website is Mystic Stars, the oldest continually published astrology website, ever.

And by journey, I mean psychic traveling, learning about the veils and the entities, and various other invisible and elusive states. Here is her bio:

Lasha began her psychic training early in life and soon discovered that she had an unique calling to influence Earth energies, to amplify shared consciousness and to increase the personal awareness of others. She has extensively studied Tantric Tibetan Buddhism and on a daily basis works with extra dimensional teachers and celestial beings. She has experienced a variety of unusual circumstances and events in her life and, as a seasoned mystic, she writes extensively on interstellar travel, astro-theology, mysticism, and other realms.

Lasha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. She lives and works in Vancouver, BC with her spouse, three cats, two children, and a noisy brood of grandchildren. πŸš€

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