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Terry Ray 🚀 221

👯 October 27, 2014

A photo of Terry Ray.

By now, you might have heard of the phenomenom of orange orbs in the sky – and not the Chinese lantern-type of orb. Not at all. Our guests tonight have all had sightings, and they know what they saw. Terry Ray is author of Orange Orbs, a brand-new book on the subject. He will be joined by Chris Bones, Chris Brown, and Randy J. Cole.

Terry Ray is a certified Field Investigator for the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, known as MUFON. He is a former military pilot and trial lawyer, retired law professor emeritus, and a novelist for Sunbury Press. On the evening of July 29, 2013 in Ocean City Maryland, Terry witnessed eight large orange orbs flying very low and silently along the beach. They performed maneuvers that no Earth-made aircraft could possibly perform, in complete silence.

Cover of Orange Orbs.

Terry filed a report of his sighting with MUFON. When he met with his fellow MUFON investigators and related his story, he was met with laughter and told that what he saw was nothing more than candle-lit Chinese lanterns. As a former military pilot, Terry knew this explanation could not be true and set about to find out what it was he actually saw that night. This led to a year-long, intensive investigation and, ultimately, to the writing of this book. In this book, Terry details the stunning story of the orange orbs that is going on all over the world at this very moment and to a discovery of what could be the biggest event in the history of the human race. 🚀

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