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Candace Talmadge πŸš€ 254

πŸ‘― June 22, 2015

Cover of the book The Afterlife Healing Circle.

Join us tonight as we welcome author Candace L. Talmadge and perhaps co-author Jana L. Simons to talk about their new book The Afterlife Healing Circle: How Anyone Can Contact the Other Side. The foreword is by Rayond Moody, and pretty much everyone who has heard of the topic of near-death experience (NDE) will recognize his name.

This is probably the most important topic we are lucky enough to be able to talk about. Even if you don’t β€œbelieve” in such things as an afterlife, there are proven healing therapies that are arising from this field of study. Candace Talmadge has been an β€œinner shift specialist,” and a professional writer since 1976, as well as a speculative fiction writer under the pen name of C. L. Talmadge.

Jana L. Simons has taught soul-sense development and the Sunan therapeutic method of energy healing.

Please tune in for what promises to be a great show. πŸš€

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